We use a Faro focus X330 to provide the most accurate point clouds available today. We can quickly and accurately capture your as-built data to help your project become more efficient and accurate.


3D Scanning has man applications in a various number of industries. Some include:

Architecture and Engineering:

  • Deformation control
  • Facades Inspections
  • Progress Monitoring
  • Structual Analysis and Maintenance
  • As-built data


  • Large Volume calculations
  • Quality Control
  • Ability to scan Large or distant objects

Forensics and accident scenes:

  • Permanent and detailed 3D archiving of crime and accident scenes
  • Simple 3D simulation of the crime or accident

Facility Management:

  • Documentation, accurately record the inventory data that is needed by managers
  • Planning of structural alterations
  • Replanning of technical modifications 

And many more!