3D Services is a company that came about from Sweeney Excavations survey department. After years of using GPS, 3D Laser Scanning and Aerial photogrammetry in house, we found that there was a serious need in the market to provide these services outside of our own company. In 2013 we began work for new clients as well as speaking at conferences as well as many private engineering and architectural firms to help educate companies on the benefits of accurate 3D as-built information.

3D Services has been pushing the limit of technology with Aerial Photogrammetry and 3D Laser Scanning

3D Laser scanning provides fast and accurate, three dimensional data enabling engineers and designers to work with real conditions and dimensions in computer-aided design software. With such scanning, the amount of time spent on site is massively reduced. These are some of the many strengths of the point cloud data system.

3D Laser Scanning

3D Laser scanning provides fast and accurate, three dimensional data of small to large areas. We can scan interiors or exteriors with extreme precision. We can run floor flatness tests, 3D model any object scanned into a CAD format, help plan for your large warehouse/plant renovations, quality control, Historical documentation, as well as doing things as basic as floor plans, contouring, or even handing over the point cloud so your in house team can work with it as you see fit. 

Aerial Photogrammetry

Aerial Photogrammetry provides fast and accurate, three dimensional data of large sites (5+ Acres) as well as an Image of the area flown. This is best used for large sites for a quick and accurate topography, stockpile quantification, mobilization planning, among many other uses. 

Some of the many benefits 

  • Construction Progress monitoring
  • Structural Analysis and Maintenance
  • Large Volume Calculations
  • As-Built buildings or sites
  • Deformation Monitoring
  • 3D Autocad Models 
  • Manufacturing Warehouse Planning
  • Historical Documentation